The Late Bhai Kishinchand Chellaram founded the ‘Kishinchand Chellaram Educational Trust’ in 1948 with the noble objective                        More >>

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Chellaram Charities are dedicated to the enhancement of the lives of the deprived and marginalized communities by contributing towards various social segments like Education, Health, Nutrition, Research, Poverty Alleviation, Public Awareness, Relief for Natural Calamities, Spiritual Development and activities focusing on the upliftment of the downtrodden.

The ‘Lokumal Kishinchand Charity Trust’ was founded in 1980 by Late Bhai Lokumal Kishinchand Chellaram.The Trust lends support to a wide spectrum of causes
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This is a recent charity initiative founded by Mr. Lal Lokumal Chellaram to provide support in Education, Public Health and Research oriented programs.
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